Written translations are charged per standard page of the translated text. A standard page for translations includes 1500 characters with spaces and is regulated by the Ordinance on Sworn-in-Court Interpreters. In the case of certified translations, the minimum amount is one standard page.

Price per standard page
Translations of standardized Croatian forms such as birth, marriage and death certificates, diplomas or school reports into foreign languages.
Translation of notarizations and Apostilles from and into Croatian.
EUR 13.27 / HRK 100.00
Translations of Croatian land register or court register excerpts, diploma supplements and similar documents into foreign languages.
Translations of foreign diplomas and training certificates into Croatian.
EUR 15,93 / HRK 120.00
Other translations, such as agreements, articles of incorporation, judgements, licences, etc.  EUR 19.90 / HRK 150.00
Oral translations, drafting letters and similarOral translation in our office, before authorities (e.g. in the registrar’s office at marriage or acknowledgement of paternity) or before a notary public (e.g. when founding a company), drafting letters in accordance with your instructions or contacting persons abroad.
Some of these situations require a preparatory review of documents and/or on-site visits, and the price is formed based on the particular circumstances.  As a rule, the price is calculated per hour spent, but may vary depending on the content to be translated.
agreed upon submission

Fixed conversion rate: 1 EUR = 7.53450 HRK

Send us a query with regard to oral translation or the document to be translated by e-mail or fax, and we will give you an offer or an estimate. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have by e-mail or phone. We will only start working on the translation if you accept the offered conditions.  

Payment terms

The translation is paid at its takeover in our office in cash or before takeover by bank transfer. The translation can be delivered to you by post or e-mail, immediately after the payment is evident on our bank account.