1. Why are translations charged per standard page? What is a standard page?

One standard page consists of 1500 characters with spaces.
One page of text may contain only a few words (if it contains pictures) or may be densely typed. This is why it is fairer both for the translator and the client to use a standardized measure for calculating text amount per number of keystrokes, which is used as the basis for price calculation. Please note that the amount of translated text and not the original text is taken as the basis for calculation of standard pages. This is because the same text usually does not have the same number of letters, other characters and spaces in different languages. Besides, it is sometimes necessary when translating to additionally explain certain terms from the original language, which may affect the text amount.

2. What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation made and certified by a sworn-in-court interpreter for a certain language. The sworn-in-court interpreter certifies that the translation fully corresponds to the original text.  This translation may be used before government authorities, court and similar institutions in Croatia. If you need the translation for submission to courts or other authorities of another country, we would advise to first check with the receiving body if they would accept a translation by an interpreter from Croatia or if only translations made by interpreters certified in that other country are considered valid.
A certified translation does not mean that the content or the authenticity of the original document is certified. If an original or a certified copy must be submitted to another body, it is necessary first to obtain a certified copy from a notary public or another authority, which will then be enclosed with the translated text into a certified translation.